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Aloha mai kakou, 

My name is Theresa Kapaku and I am your official Aloha ‘Aina Candidate for Hawai’i’s State House of Representatives District 13 - East Maui, Molokai, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe, and Molokini.  

I am a mother, farmer, small businesswoman, and community advocate living off grid in beautiful Kipahulu, East Maui. 

My mission this election year is to huli politics as normal and bring truth and action to the residents of Hawaii.

No longer will the residents of Hawaii have to settle for mediocrity.  We can take action NOW and in a righteous way to create a greener, cleaner, safer Hawai’i for our Kupuna and keiki to live and thrive.  


We must transition from RE ACTIVE to PRO ACTIVE governance and make executable plans which heed the voice of the community and that address health, safety, and economy in preparation for ANY major catastrophe, including this COVID-19 pandemic.  

Other Issues needing IMMEDIATE address: 

  1. Community Empowerment

  2. Managed Tourism and Traffic

  3. Hawaiian National Rights / Sovereignty

  4. To put the CULTURE back in agriculture. 

  5. Increased presence of drugs in our neighborhoods

  6. Supporting small Business and Farmers 

  7. The availability of local, organic, chemical free produce for everyone

My experience is versatile and dynamic.   In addition to being a homestead farmer, I co-founded a successful company that helped cities and school districts save millions of dollars in wasted resources, reduce their carbon footprints, and implement renewable energy.

Everyday, I continue to volunteer, organize and take action on matters that threaten the safety of our residents and our beloved Hawai’i nei.

Folks, ingrained in me is the passion to protect and serve - our Islands and our people.  I’m asking you to do something great this year - activate your communities and vote for a greener, cleaner, safer Hawai'i.


With all the wealth of our islands, there is absolutely NO reason why any Hawaiian resident should be struggling to get by.

-Theresa Kapaku

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A'ohe hananui ke alu 'ia.

No task is too big when done together by all.


Working families are struggling and our 'aina is under threat.  We can’t just wait around for change. It’s time for us to act.

Our campaign is fighting for a powerful policies that will transition our economy, minimize inequality, and reverse the effects of over-tourism. Through an Aloha 'Aina Initiative, we will eliminate our greenhouse gas emissions and provide high-wage jobs.   We also intend to fight for limits on rents and increases and affordable housing for all.

The time for mediocre results has come to an end. We need solutions that are bigger than crises we're living through.


During the height of the pandemic alarm in early March - while communities frantically self-organized, state leadership left the people vulnerable to visitors that they were continuing to allow to fly into our islands. Theresa and other residents risked their health and safety to physically guard the road and protect their communities.  An example of Kapu Aloha, she maintained her patience and dignity.  Even when she was threatened and physically run over by a tourist family in a Jeep, she remained. Ultimately turning back hundreds of tourists - she gave her time, courage, and risked her safety to protect the community. 


She continues to stand and enforce pono action in her community via PROTECT E MAUI.  A community based organization focused on the health and safety of E Maui residents.





In order for us to put everyday Hawaiian residents first, we have to take on the powerful and corrupt influence of big money.

My campaign is 100% funded by the people.

What do YOU want Hawai'i?

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What We Stand For 

What We Stand For 

5 Principals

of the

Aloha 'Aina Party

  1. Recognize the Divine

  2. Malama the 'Aina

  3. Aloha All People

  4. Transparency and Accountability in Government

  5. Ho'oponopono

Make right what has been wronged in relation to the Illegal Overthrow of 1893



"The tourism industry has been crippled yes, but there is a silver lining among this pandemic cloud.  The ability for the land and people to heal and for us to take a hard look at our values and priorities."

2.  Create tourist free conservation areas and set firm boundaries for how many people can enter parks.

3.  Increase fees, tolls, and reservation systems to produce income to support their impact on our communities

4.  Mandate one day a week and holidays as ohana days and close parks and other areas for a 'residents only' free day

5.  Require codes of conduct and other educational materials be circulated to every traveler - messaging in airports and rental car areas reinforce codes of conduct



"This is one of my top priorities.  Climate change is very real and we are living in it."


It will be up to our generation and the next to tackle this ominous challenge and steer our destiny toward hope and preservation.  Hawaii needs to be a global example of how to care for the environment and setting gold standards for land stewardship.  

1.  Desist deep well injections and dumping raw sewage anywhere, especially near shore.  


2.  Fine and criminalize dumping of waste by ocean vessels anywhere near our waters.

3.  Emergency preparedness task force to generate community specific plans with procedures and resources on hand ready for any emergency including climate related. 

4.  Infrastructure to recycle sewage waste


"Require the state to develop organic Micro / Community Farmsteads and produce a streamlined farm to market plan and ultimately infrastructure to help support them until they're able to do so independently (Exporting only excess)"

2.  Support the legalization of natural medicines and la'au lapa'au industry

3.  Support green jobs - resource management, renewable energies, technology, sustainability, and education.

4.  Support Eco-Tourism - Having visitors engage in the natural environment without damaging it or disturbing habitats. It is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial mass tourism.

Resource Management

"Our 'Aina holds all the answers we need to create a thriving lifestyle for every Hawaiian.  We must preserve and protect the valuable resources she provides."

1.  Community based ahupua'a native sustainability plans.

1.  Enforcement groups that ensure the safety of the resources and people in their towns.

2.  Water restored to their original flows and a long term strategy for water management in place before we re-divert.

3.  Regenerative, perma-culture, and holistic farming practices to feed-back to the 'aina.

4.  Zero tourist zones that protect the water and food growth areas.

5.  Modernize government buildings to reduce usage of gas, electricity, and water

Native Hawaiian Rights

"We must immediately ho'oponono - restore right to what has been done wrong."


2.  Support Hawaiian Governance


3.  Desist building and defund security on Mauna Kea and all sacred places

4.  Heavily enforce requirements for cultural site analysis and proper procedures for handling iwi kupuna.  

5.  Require updated Hawaiian History and education in school curriculum

6.  Heavily support access to the mountain and ocean for hunting and gathering.

7.   Empower communities through Ahupua'a restoration and self regulation efforts



"I intend to do everything in my power to transition to a new and improved economy.   To put the CULTURE back in AgriCULTURE." 


One centered around boosting the value of "Hawaiian" and improving the environment.  There are so many brilliant ideas from the community to strongly consider and I'm excited to help take the action needed to move it into reality.


Examples of specific industries are:


  1. Organic micro and community based farming

  2. Natural medicines - la'au lapa au

  3. Specializations in ocean and mountain resource management 

  4. Eco-system repair/management 

  5. Bolster programs and internships in sustainable technology, low impact energy generation (ie hydro) 

  6. Tech and film industries

  7. Online work from home jobs' and general healing professions.  

On the Issues


A Relentless Movement for the 'aina, economy, and social justice focused on Hawaii.

- candidate Theresa Kapaku

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With the wealth of the 'aina and overwhelming level of visitors, no Hawaiian should be too poor to survive here.




There's Nothing Radical about protecting your community.



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